Thursday, January 24, 2008

Will Shade Tribute this Sunday!!!

For those of you in (or near) Chicago who are looking to thaw out this weekend and also hear some spectacularly good music, have I got the event for you.

Will Shade will get a very fitting tribute at the Old Town School this Sunday afternoon and evening. Go early for the free screening of a jugband documentary (I saw it here at the SF jugfest, 'tis worth watching) and warm up with a pre-concert jam session. There are some absolutely amazing artists on the program, including my erstwhile musical family The Hump Night Thumpers.

I wish I could be there. With its roots in the blues, jug band music is some of the happiest music around. Will Shade started the Memphis Jug Band back in the 20s, and that music inspired the musical heroes of most of the people I know today. Oh yes, jugband music is that cool. If you don't believe me, check out the show on Sunday. I guarantee you'll forget all about the cold.

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