Thursday, January 31, 2008

Library Week in Review

We fared slightly better at the library last Friday, so have a few good picks to share.

I Read Signs
by Tana Hoban
We first discovered this photographer's work when our beloved sitter Amy back in Chicago picked up one of her counting books at a library sale for us. Elise pretty much loves that one, so we of course looked for more. This one is cool because it has pictures of actual signs, and Elise loves "reading" them.

by Peter Sis
Madlenka discovers that her tooth is loose and has to tell everyone about it. By visiting all of her friends around her block, she manages to travel around the world. The pages all have windows through which she peeks, which is a cool touch.

Froggy Gets Dressed
by Jonathan London, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz
Froggy is pretty popular, and has all kinds of books written about him. I like that he's a very active frog. In this book, he wakes up during the winter and wants to play in the snow. It's very hard for an excited little frog to remember all of his clothes however. And somehow everything is funnier with underpants.

WAIT! I Want to Tell You a Story
by Tom Willans
Shaherezade had nothing on this muskrat. It's all about the power of story. And I will leave it to you to enjoy.

We Eat Dinner in the Bathtub
by Angela Shelf Medearis, illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers
part of the Scholastic Reader series, level 2
The first time we checked this book out was several months ago, and if anything it's funnier now. You'll never guess where this crazy family has their meals. When I suggest that I'd like to try parking the car in the kitchen just like these people (to make unloading groceries easier) Elise just looks at me like I'm insane. Then again, as I write this I note that all of her dollhouse people are in their bathtub, and I know I didn't put them there...

Cows in the Kitchen
by June Crebbin, illustrated by Katharine McEwen
That's what we do, Tom Farmer! I think that's what I'm going to have to start saying when there's chaos afoot here. Farm animals are notorious for causing trouble in children's literature, and Tom Farmer's are no exception. I like the rhythm of it. I also like the picture of the sheep on the sofa.

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Anonymous said...

As I am sure you know there are million Froggy books, all well loved by kids from 4-7 or so. Peter Sis is amazing. There is Madlenka's Dog which should appeal to you and to Elise because it too travels the world and it has lift up flaps. Komodo Dragon maybe my favorite because it features a trip to see the Komodo dragons and lots of cool dragon/lizard pictures. Sis's The Wall won several awards. It is much too old for Elise as it talks about his life growing up behind the Iron Curtain. He has a lot of other cool picture book biographies for years to come.

I look forward to your listings every week. Keep doing them. I am learning good things. I think of it as professional development.