Thursday, January 31, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

It seems like every interaction we have with the faculty and staff at Elise's preschool just increases our good opinion of the place. Today was our first ever parent-teacher conference. Well, my first ever since scheduling didn't work out to be able to include Andy. Next time!

At any rate, Elise's teacher Linda is a class act from start to finish. Her classroom is well put-together with lots of good hands-on discovery to be done. She has clearly communicated rules, routines, and an absolute love of small people. When I watch Linda with her students, I see the teacher I always wanted to be but am not sure I could quite manage.

So, talking with Linda this morning was a real treat. I learned that Elise is indeed settling in very well. She's getting better about trying to do things instead of saying "I can't." She's comfortable enough that her personality is shining through, to the point where her teachers find it impossible to be unhappy around her because she's so happy and giggly. (Can't you just watch my mommy feathers ruffle with pride here.)

Our biggest concern was to learn how she's getting along with other kids. I feel like I've kind of let down the side in terms of getting her together to play with friends, so it was good to have a chance to hear what her teacher has observed. And wouldn't you know it, but our girl has no trouble at all walking up to a group of kids and asking to join in! When she's feeling a little shy she'll ask a teacher if it's okay for her to be with the other kids, and as soon as she gets the nod she's off and fits right into the group. Wow! She's a little less connected one-on-one so we'll definitely work on getting a few more playdates (especially with other girls since she seems to be enjoying the girls at school most, and we've heretofore mostly played with boys).

It was so good to have an honest, straightforward evaluation of how things are going at school. Andy and I are so happy to have found this fantastic place for our girl to learn and grow. We'd have never found it without a mailing list for parents at Andy's work and some serious encouragement from PMomma. (Thank you!) It's onward and upward for our star pupil. :)

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Anonymous said...

What a good deal! It makes a COG proud. It also confirms what I have always seen (in an unbiased way) in the world's greatest grand daughter.