Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Exciting Entertainment Planned

This morning, I saw a tiny little blog post somewhere about an upcoming debate at Stanford between Christopher Hitchens and some guy from a dubious non-profit called the Discovery Institute. Their main objective is to overthrow centuries of scientific work across a broad range of topics through carefully contrived personal attacks on the long-dead Charles Darwin. (I may be paraphrasing a bit.) Apparently, they have a god who is in favor of that, so it's all cool. Skeptical? Much of the state of Florida isn't, so you shouldn't be either.

At any rate, a bluster-fest "moderated" by a sympathizer and hosted by Ben Stein ought to be good fun. Apparently, anyone can mail Stanford's Faux Science Club for tickets, so hop to it sports fans! Here are the instructions as posted at the "Institute"'s "Evolution News" blog.

TICKETS: You must have a ticket to attend the event. Tickets can be reserved/obtained at no charge, by emailing: idea.stanford@gmail.com You must provide this information: Name, Affiliation ("Referred by …"), # of tickets. Seating is limited and tickets will be reserved on a first come, first reserved basis. On the day of the debate there will be a table out front for reserved tickets, and you can pick them up there at the event.

I'm hoping my cousin (as a bona fide Stanford student) will be able to score tickets through regular campus channels before they're gone, and she and I will be able to attend and chortle and chortle. I hope my cool new evolution shirt arrives before Sunday!

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Swubird said...


I also get frustrated with people like your anti-Darwinist. It's not so much what they say as it is their complete ignorance about Darwin's work. Really.

Several years ago I got into a discussion with a guy who tried to convince me that the earth was only 4,000 years old - dinosaurs and all! What? He sucked me right in to a full-blown argument and I have admonished myself ever since for being such a fool. Why did I waste my time?

Anyway, keep up the good work, and stop by my blog sometime for a look-see.

Have a nice day.