Thursday, January 17, 2008

This Week's Library List

I can't believe I'm doing this two weeks in a row! Now if only I could apply this same sticktoitiveness to more of my life...

Without further ado, this week's favorites!

The Marvelous Toy
by Tom Paxton, illustrated by Elizabeth Sayles
An illustrated version of the song I've loved for a long time. If you don't know the song, it's written out in the endpieces. It's more fun to listen to it, though. Nice pictures, but really we just "read" it for the song.

Hooray for Fish!
by Lucy Cousins
The lady who brings us Maisy and her friends also did this fish book. Bright pictures of different (imaginary) kinds of fish that are also fun to count if you're so inclined. We like the part at the end where the little fish reunites with its mommy.

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
by Kevin Sherry
Ah, to be a squid. The protagonist in this story is a giant squid, and likes to proclaim its bigness, even in the face of changing circumstances. I think we just like squid.

And, the hands-down favorite of the week:
Meow: A Day in the Life of Cats
by Judy Reinen
We're in the midst of a cat craze at our house, so this book was an absolutely perfect find. Featuring pictures of actual cats posed in bathtubs and clothing and hanging from a trapeze, this book half-heartedly tries to convince us that cats are just like people. It was weird for me to see silly pictures of cats with grammatical accompanying text, but that is clearly a side effect of too much time spent on the internet.

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Bob Johnson said...

Sounds like some great stuff, good reviews.