Thursday, January 31, 2008

Arthur Dent would be Proud

We've all made it through Thursday!

It doesn't seem like much until you remember that it's cold season here. Elise has a fantastic cold which she has opted to share with me. Andy's leg was feeling just about normal and then he got some sort of stomach thing today on top of a bruised rib from a go-cart "team building" exercise at work. Flapjack, our beloved kitty, has some sort of Mystery Illness that has won us some good times at the vet with more to follow. We sound like we're falling apart, don't we? We're not really, it just looks that way because it's Thursday.

My printed copy of The Authoritarians arrived today, so I'm looking forward to digging into that. I'm also just about done with Your Inner Fish, which is a fantastic read. Really fun, and really interesting. Some excerpts are out there online, but they don't do the thing justice. And talk about melding a whole bunch of areas of science into one fascinating look into who we are.

It continues to rain here, which I think is going to be nice for the various flora and fauna eventually. Unfortunately, it's getting a bit wearing for our particular species just now. I guess if we all have to feel sick, it's better to do it on rainy days than sunny ones.

Tomorrow is February 1. (Happy birthday, Aunt Linda, bringer of ketchup.) I've been a little distracted so the annual Groundhog Day letter will have to be a pleasant reminder of a well-spent holiday rather than a heads-up about a prognosticating rodent.

Happy February!


Roni said...

You are almost certainly suffering from the wrath of Xenu (to quote another widely-read and followed piece of sci-fi). Perhaps you could avail yourself to the abundance of Tech in California? (Not to be confused with the Tek of Shatner-that would be self medication and not advisable by any sane doctor of medicine.)

It's cloudy but bright in Auckland right now, so maybe The Groundhog will take that into consideration when he intereferes with the weather in California. Here's hoping he sheds a little sun on you guys.

When get to feeling better we should definitely Skype. It's been way too long since we've seen you :)

SWE said...

You've got it. There's astronomy club tonight but I'll be home by 10 my time. :) Tomorrow is a bit more sketchy. How's the school year starting out?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday greeting.

Michigan uses a female groundhog which they swear makes the pronostication much more accurate than that old boy in PA. But that ties to another one of your posts. It is snowy here now so the shadow will show up beautifully. It is a beautiful snow--beautiful because it closed school for the day. Yippee!!

Roni said...

To answer your question about the school year so far, I've blogged about our first week. It's on my teacher blog. I could even show you my spiff House shirt when we talk later.