Monday, October 26, 2009

Blog? What blog?

Well, folks, Facebook has finally done it. Enough of the login, comment, "like", post options have broken that I'm giving up in disgust (at least for now). So hey, maybe I'll blog!

In about 10 minutes, I'll be heading to Elise's school to work in the library for two hours. Budget cuts only allow for a part time librarian, so you can imagine the kind of help she needs. Holy moly. It's a marvelous way for me to start the week, though. I love getting to know the kids and seeing them smile when I ask about what they're reading. I'm even getting in to shelving, but it's an uphill battle because of the backlog.

The other thing going on is that I'm trying to get another mobile grooming appointment for Daisy because the fur on her legs is getting so long that it soaks up an amazing amount of mud at the dog park and in the back yard. I'm getting tired of bathing her, and so is she. Mwahahahaha.

Happy Monday, folks!