Tuesday, July 25, 2006

California Dreaming

Woo hoo! The Schmiedesgruebls have a blog. Or something akin to it. This is one of the new additions we wanted to make to our website so that as we end up traveling farther from so many of our friends, curious people have a way to keep up with us without necessarily having to wait for us to answer our email. Thanks for reading! We’ll try not to fill it up with drivel.

So-as I write this Elise is refusing to nap for a sitter, Andy is waiting for the official written job offer from our new friends at eBay, and I’m in bed healing from hernia surgery. It’s been a busy week! But, we’re all well (if a little antsy) and so that’s good news.

Our next challenge is to figure out the logistics of moving ourselves (and that includes the cat and bird, mind you) alllllll the way to San Jose, CA. We originally thought we’d be moving eastward and figured that we could all survive the 2 days in the car that would take. Not so with the 2000 miles to the Golden State. Regardless of how it shakes out, be sure to read about it right here!