Friday, January 4, 2008


We woke today to the sound of sheets of rain beating against the windows. This was so strange, because we almost never have weather here in the "Capital of Silicon Valley." Unless you count unrelenting sunshine as "weather." Very peculiar indeed. In honor of the event, Elise and I decided to drive Andy to work so he wouldn't get soaked waiting for the bus. It was a good choice.

As we were pulling away, the bus pulled up. Elise commented that she was surprised to see the bus since it is usually broken on rainy days. Now this is funny, because the only times we've had to pick Andy up at work when the bus was broken it was pouring rain. Clearly, we are going to have to teach her about global warming and pirates.

A more happy and cozy sort of deluge has been the wealth of family hanging out here just now. My parents are visiting, as are my aunt, uncle and cousin. Tonight, Jaya is going to cook a super supper for all of us, and we're all looking forward to that. We haven't had this much family together at one time in a long time, so it's been a treat all around.

And finally, for any and all of you who might have been trying to call our home phone, yeah, it's messed up. AT&T tells us it's a short somewhere in the miles of wiring in this place, but my neighbors reassure me it's almost certainly a problem at the box at the end of the row of units. That makes a lot of sense to me since our problems first started when the new neighbors moved in and likely got their phone installed. So, for the first time in history I'm keeping my cell phone on me and charged and stuff until the phone company gets the land line sorted out. In the mean time, your call is very important to us etc.

Elise has now spent the entire hour that was her "nap" up in her bed telling stories with dramatic voices and lots of musical interludes. It may be time for me to go get her. Or a recording device of some sort because it's hilarious.

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SWE said...

Small update-phone will be fixed on Sunday afternoon sometime. In the mean time, all calls will be routed to my cell phone anyway so call away! (haha, as if)