Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our New Bed

For those of you who haven't been forced to endure the trauma lately, mattress shopping can be brutal. We still cringe regularly when we think of our last experience over 6 years ago when some cretin on a sales floor asked us, "So, what's it gonna take to get you into a new bed tonight?" He looked so surprised when we recoiled in horror and beat a hasty retreat. Our neighbor Lisa (this from long, long ago) recommended a store where we could shop in peace, and we thought our slumber was assured for a good 10 years.

Maybe a mattress isn't actually meant to last a full decade. At least not in its original level of comfort. My suspicion is that five months of storage and a cross-country move didn't do much for the longevity of ours. At any rate, the durned thing started going downhill and has been picking up speed. We tried rotating. We tried new pillows. We tried the mattress topper thing we usually reserve for guests and the airbed. None of these things helped.

I don't think we're excessively picky about beds, but the wrong one can do a serious number on us. Things had got to the point where Andy and I both wake up more tired in the mornings than when we go to bed at night. Hmmmmm... Every possible combination of windows, fans, a/c, blankets had been tried and today I got desperate.

Enter the people at Sleep Train. It's one of the big local chains, and I was leery just because I didn't want to run into another used car salesman. As it happens, they had exactly the sort of bed we wanted for entirely too much money and we bought it. Same day delivery. A mild discount and some free sheets for various feel-good reasons. A sales manager who actually seemed to know a lot about what she was selling, and was interested in finding out what we wanted and helping us weigh our options. Classy. As were the nice gentlemen who took away the old bed and brought the new one this afternoon.

In a few short moments, we're off to give this wonder of a bed a try. Wish us luck! Or maybe just some good sleep for a change.

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