Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"Next Blog"

Occasionally, I feel like I could be wasting just a little more time on my computer, and I come here and start clicking the "Next Blog" button at the top to see where it takes me. Lately, there's been an explosion of porn which confuses me. How do my ramblings about our family goings-on lead to pictures of naked ladies? (So very interesting that it's never naked men...) The interweb moves in mysterious ways.

Luckily, not all "Next Blog"clicks lead to yuck. I recently stumbled on this one, and have been enjoying living vicariously through this marvelous gal. Today's post is awesome. Anyone for starting a laughing club?

I've also started tuning in to the Colbert Report of an evening, and saw an interview I really liked. The thing that worries me is that one could potentially use the very cool persuasive games idea for evil rather than good. It's coming, I'm sure, but for now I like it.

1 comment:

cacophonyx said...

Wow.. I'd never noticed the "Next Blog" link before. Such a richness awaits (and pr0n, but hell, who's counting?)

I have to go to bed now, because otherwise I could randomly click all night...