Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Added Features

I've been less blogtastic of late, and am going to go ahead and blame it on the phases of the moon. (No need for me to take responsibility for my own actions, right? It's just a blog? Hmmmm...) With the waning moon and the new moon coming up, a girl's thoughts turn to star charts and planning out what to see on the next night out to a dark sky site.

Before I do that though, I thought I'd take a minute to add some nifty things to the family blog. For starters, Blogger has made it easy for me to add a poll to the front page of this baby, so I did. The news that Fisher Price had to recall a bazillion toys due to lead really annoyed me so the current poll is lead-based. (But safe-I tested it.)

I'll get around to posting something about lead and children here soon, but in the mean time this is one of the few things that get me all worried so please help me sleep and check out your kids' toys to see if they match up with any of the current flurry of recalls. The biggies are Thomas, Fisher Price and any of the generic store-brand wooden toys Target was selling for awhile at the end of their toy sections. You could melt 'em all down and make bird shot for Dick Cheney's next hunting excursion. If you're worried, the hardware store sells lead test-kits for not too much money. If you're beyond worried, you can impound anything with red paint until you've had a chance to test it.

I've also added links to blogs I like to read. Most of that was done a few weeks ago, but I added few recently that I think people might enjoy. The Bent Objects guy was featured by Blogger recently, and I really like his stuff.

And now I can sleep! Hope you're well. :)

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Anonymous said...

You have to wonder what kinds of morons or just creeps could possibly allow lead into kids toys -- or paint in general, for that matter. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just blame the evile, Commie, Chinese and forget good Americans like Target and Fisher Price.