Saturday, April 12, 2008

International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

Tonight could potentially be a very exciting night. It's time for some sidewalk astronomy! The idea is that amateur astronomers take their scopes out to places where their neighbors are likely to be, and share the sky. The moon is headed toward full and is always fun to look at. As a special surprise, it appears that there has been a nova in the constellation Cygnus just special for this event. (I'm really impressed by the organizers' planning on this one!)

So, hunt down your friends with telescopes moldering in their closets or just dig out your binoculars and grab a piece of the sky tonight. I know I will!

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Jaya said...

Alas, I was otherwise engaged on Saturday night--a friend's gamba recital. (Who knew anyone could play so many notes in under two hours?) And it was raining. And in my neighborhood the only thing we see in the sky is the occasional airplane. But maybe next year!