Friday, June 29, 2007


Wow-a big day for Silicon Valley. A new Trader Joe's just opened in the shopping plaza up the way from us. Say hello to ease of consumption. Thanks to this revolutionary advance, I will now be able to buy toothpaste (Target), cat toys (PetSmart), cheap bits of foam for craft projects (Michaels) and yogurt (Trader Joe's) all without moving my car from one massive parking lot. Of course, one is still expected to drive from store to store.

Apparently, this sort of shopping is not available internationally, as my brother in New Zealand expresses an attitude of mystification at the notion of so many big box stores all in one place. All I can say to that is, "At least there are no currently disclosed plans to pave over the park across the street from this shopping center and put in an Ikea."

Of course, we made sure to have all of the necessary accessories when we set up our first trip to the new Trader Joe's. Our reusable grocery bags stay in the back of the car for just such occasions, and Elise and I both wore flip flops. If anyone out there is still concerned as to whether or not we're assimilating here in CA, that ought to put your mind at ease. Lines were long, but we passed the time by chatting with one of our neighbors about the neighborhood foster cat that was outside making an unholy ruckus early this morning.

The thing that is immediately apparent about this new Trader Joe's is its sleek design. Between the wider aisles and the airplane decor (it is, after all, about five feet from the end of the SJC runway) it far outclasses the skanky Safeway we've been frequenting. Not only that, but the way this shopping plaza now so seamlessly integrates our various shopping experiences, I think it really will revolutionize our lifestyle. From what I saw today, there is no question of it living up to the hype.

Best of all, I got out of there for just over $42, whereas the other much ballyhooed unveiling that happened today would have cost me $600 to bring home. I long ago drank the Apple kool-aid and love my MacBook passionately, but at this point in my life the grocery store is clearly the bigger story.

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Anonymous said...

I can't tell you how glad I am to see you settling in...welcome to the world of flip-flops! CA and FL are, I think, the centres of the flip-flop universe -- I live in them, and am not sure what I'd do with actual closed-toe shoes.

I'm frankly jealous about the Trader Joe's. I've heard they are fab stores.

Look at the good side of the "big-box" farms -- they're all congregated in the same place, so less driving (even if you drive in the parking lot), and all clustered so they can't muck up the rest of the area. Can't think of a better place for a commercial zone than at the end of a runway where no one wants to live, anyway.