Sunday, June 17, 2007


We really are still out here-I promise! It's been busy and we keep thinking we have fabulous things to post, and then it's bedtime and nothing gets written after all. Hmmm...

So, a lot of news has piled up, and I've mostly forgotten all of the millions of cute things Elise has done lately that seemed like they needed to be immortalized on the interwebs. We'll get more pics and stories soon because...

PRESCHOOL starts Tuesday! Elise is starting at Making Friends Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning this week. She's not too sure about the whole thing, but a recent burst in self-confidence has us convinced that the transition should be pretty smooth. Well, that and the fact that the teacher is amazing. Exciting times!

Andy has been busy with all kinds of things. Recently, he replaced his old Powerbook with a new Macbook and it's been a good change. We're working on getting the Powerbook ready for Elise to use (with monitor, keyboard and mouse added), but that's probably going to take awhile. I don't think I will be able to sit and play too many more PBS Kids games in the near future, so it's good to take our time.

But back to Andy. He was in Seattle the first part of last week for a conference at Microsoft. We missed him here, and Elise was thrilled when he got her out of bed Thursday morning. Speaking of Thursday, there is a touch-rugby league that plays up the street from us on Thursdays that Andy is going to check out. He also had a chance to play tennis with a friend this afternoon, so watch this space for more news of sporting activities here at Steingruebl World Enterprises.

I've been missing my jug band friends back in Chicago and really searching for my niche here. After reading Big Bang by Simon Singh, I decided to look up the local astronomy club. Wow, is this a fun group of people. Even with the light pollution we get here, there is so much to see! The club has a loaner telescope program, of which I will probably take advantage until I've saved up for the telescope I'm coveting. A new friend, Lou, has taken me under her wing and is helping me navigate around the night sky. It's amazing. She just lent me a book called Turn Left at Orion, and I can't wait to get my hands on a telescope and start finding the things it lists. The one major problem with this hobby is that it requires a certain amount of sleep deprivation. Last weekend was brutal because I went to two star parties in two nights, but one good night of viewing this weekend has kept us all a bit more sane.

This Friday, we're expecting to see Cousin Geetha roll into town for the start of her whirlwind year of grad school at Stanford. Should be fun! It seems like the summer is already starting to fill up with all kinds of good things. With any luck, we'll get in some good school, sports, astronomy, camping and general goofing off.

I'm sure there's more news that I'm forgetting, but that's the big stuff. Hopefully this finds you well-drop us a line when you get a chance!

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