Friday, June 1, 2007

Misleading Signage

We've been driving past this place since we got here. Quick-what kind of business is it?

Given the font and color choices displayed on the banner, we assumed "adult entertainment." And then we noticed the "karate" part. And we giggled.

Maybe it's a sign of how much less man-made visual stimulation there is here than in Chicago, but we're noticing signs more here. After nearly 10 months, we ought to be used to things here, though. It's great to see signs that make tile emporiums look like hair salons, restaurants that look like check cashing loan sharks and hair salons that look like bookstores. Are people here more creative, or do they not realize they're bucking convention? We may never know, but in the mean time it's really fun to spot these things.

And, as an aside, here is my new favorite YouTube video. (Caution-animal violence but it all turns out well in the end.)

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