Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Turn off TV Week

So, gentle reader, has your television been resting this week? Ours has, and oddly enough this means that our schedule has been too full to allow for even very important things like posting blog entries.

All kinds of fun and exciting things have ben happening, and it would be nice if it weren't currently 10:30 pm and I could remember a few of them.

Highlights include:

Flapjack now begs for her daily walk, gets excited when she sees her leash, and strains for the door the second it is even partially attached. We always thought she was more like a dog than a cat-this appears to be evidence in favor of that theory.

Roomba had been out of commission for some time, awaiting a replacement for its faulty collection bin. That bin arrived in the mail on Saturday, and already our home is cleaner and happier. We are now beginning to imagine life with a robot that would vacuum stairs by itself.

A good friend with killer allergies suggested that Heather's alarming congestion in the bedroom might be due to a feather allergy, and our beautiful, luxurious down duvet. We're trying alternative blanketage, and so far the results don't look so good for the duvet.

Elise's sensitivity to loud noises like vacuums and trucks and blenders and lawnmowers and leafblowers and trucks and motorcycles and airplanes and sirens and alarms and barking dogs is NOT due to fluid build up in her ears. But the audiologist did confirm that she can probably hear us tell her to pick up her toys/books/clothes the first time, even if we whisper. ;)

Thursday is kids to work day at Ebay, so Elise is starting to get excited for her big day at the office. It should be fun to spend some quality time with Daddy.

And now, we'd like to close by quoting part of our favorite song that the librarian sings at storytime on Fridays:

That's all there is, there isn't much to it
All you've got to do is doodley do it
I like the rest, but the one I like best goes
"Doodley doodley doo."

Wadaleeacha, and goodnight.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,
My Michael has always had this problem. We never took him to an audiologist though. My friend i MT suggested that he may have perfect pitch, because he was so sensitive to sound.