Monday, April 16, 2007

A Good Day

Today was one of those magically happy days when everything just seems to go right. This morning, Elise bounded happily out of bed and down the stairs for breakfast. Because of schedules etc., we don't always get to eat breakfast as a family, but today we did! After breakfast, Heather took biiiig pieces of paper from Elise's easel and put them on the floor for a coloring extravaganza. As you can see, there was a lot of drawing and carrying on. Elise is a fun artist because absolutely everything she draws comes with some sort of narration. We swear that we will one day get this on video-it's really fun to watch.

After about two hours of coloring, it was time to finally get dressed for the day. We've begun taking Flapjack for walks on a leash, which she actually likes. Elise is the best cat walker ever. She is sooooo gentle with the leash, but also doesn't let the cat go wandering into bushes and such. The two of them are pretty much content to ramble around, and it's really cute.

Sometimes, Elise also stops to reassure Flapjack that this walking outside stuff is worthwhile.

This afternoon, we took a walk up to the neighborhood pet store, Andy's. It's apparently a San Jose landmark. They have all kinds of birds (including a resident toucan) as well as puppies, bunnies and hamsters. Looking at the hamsters on their wheels today was a thrill for Elise, and dangerous for Heather. Why in the world would an otherwise intelligent woman imagine that her cluttered, busy life needs the addition of a hamster? The world may never know. We don't need a hamster. But if we did, this is the coolest habitat ever.

To top it all off, Elise was willing to try 3 whole bites of enchilada for dinner tonight. This may be false hope, but we are imagining a life with a small person who will eat something more interesting than chicken nuggets on a regular basis.

Well, really to top that off, it should be noted that Andy bought us a new wireless access point which has a print server built in. This means we can send stuff to the printer without plugging it into our laptops all of the time. We could potentially print the grocery shopping list from up in our bedroom. Aside from the wonder that is networked printing, this one works faster than the old one, so we're happy.

And of course, there was the great weekend we just had. The need for kitchen curtains finally got the best of us and Heather went out and purchased a replacement for the drill we inherited from Andy's grandpa. Behold, the new cordless drill! And, behold the result. Obviously the tab tops of the curtains need a tiny adjustment, but we feel pretty proud of ourselves. These curtains look really good in here on a sunny day, and even leave little leaf shadows on the floor. Oooooooh........

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cacophonyx said...

Now *that* is a good day :)

Hugs to all - especially the cute-as-a-button Elise, who certainly seems to be a cat-whisperer .. I guess she has her Mom's propensity with animalkind!