Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Well, we've been thinking it's springtime here for awhile (a side effect of a nearly nonexistent winter, most likely) but now we know it's here for sure. The trees have almost all started leafing out, and all kinds of things are flowering. We fully expect to look out and see the pavement sprouting blooms one of these days. It's beautiful and nightmareish all at once. The sheer volume of pollen in the air seems to be mucking with all of us, including Flapjack. It's so weird to watch a cat sneeze, and they look miserable both during and after the fact. Hopefully, spring will settle down here after awhile and we'll all be breathing better soon.

As an (probably not so) interesting aside, we've discovered that this is now the thrid place we've lived in which the tree in front of our house is the last one on the block to bud. Can we pick 'em or what? It's all very strange. Even our tree has leaves now, though, so spring is really here.

Back to other things...

The switch from iWeb's subpar blogging tool to Blogger has been positive so far, at least from our perspective. How about for you, readers? Anything interesting to report? Questions, comments?

One difference with this tool is that it doesn't prompt us to post a picture with each entry. This is nice because it takes some of the picture taking pressure off, but it's bad because it also relieves some of the picture taking pressure. Our poor little camera is getting lonely.

However, we never got around to posting fun pictures from Cousin Geetha's visit, so this seems like a good place to include them!

Playing at the beach in Santa Cruz:
Beach babes in their natural habitat:
Along Highway 1: (Note Andy's new sunglasses.)
At one of the parks along Highway 1:
The Steingruebls at the top of the cliff:
And finally, cousins who are good friends:
That was a really fun visit-we're so glad that Geetha is going to school just up the street from us for the next year. (After her adventures in New Zealand, of course.)

There isn't much else to report here at the moment. Hopefully spring is sproinging without too much of a vengeance wherever you are!

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Roni said...

Fantastic photo of Geetha and Elise! Definitely one to go in the photo album. Who'd have thought that you could have so much fun at the beach in winter? Summer should be even better.

It's particularly good to hear that your computer has fixed its drinking problem and that your family is recovering well. The new look for your blog is particularly attractive. Nice way to make a fresh start.

I've just started my two week "end of term" holiday-we should definitely Skype this week to catch up on everything else that's going on. My love to your household.