Sunday, April 1, 2007

New! Improved!

Many of our faithful readers will no doubt notice that 1) our blog has moved and 2) our blog looks completely different. All of the old entries have been moved here (along with most of the pictures), however comments posted in the other venue have all disappeared into the ether. Feel free to post lots of exciting comments here, though, because your words will be immortal!

There are several reasons for our switch from iWeb to blogger. The first and most pressing is the fact that iWeb pretty well stinks. Andy discusses this at length on his blog. From a non-technical standpoint, it took forever to publish new entries, and did wonky things if you even thought about trying to muck about with the html. Where's the fun in that?

Aside from the problems with iWeb itself, clever user error led to massive amounts of water being spilled into the laptop on which the iWeb software resides. We're still waiting for it to dry out, but preliminary reports aren't good. We'd been thinking of switching over to a web-based tool for awhile, and this new look at the mortality of all things hardwareish was the nudge we needed.

As an added bonus, it's going to be much easier for both Heather AND Andy to updated this blog, so that should yield a greater quantity of postings.

So, welcome to our official inaugural post at our new blogging venue! Set your bookmarks and RSS readers accordingly, and thanks for sticking with us. :)

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