Thursday, April 26, 2007

Kids 2 Work Day

Elise got her first taste of what it's like to be a tech worker in Silicon Valley today. What started as "take your daughter to work day" has morphed into "take your kid to work day," and eBay does it in style. With between 900-1000 kids signed up, the place was jumping. Elise is still a little young/shy for a lot of the organized stuff, but it was great for her to spend the better part of a day "working" with her daddy.

Of course, it was a little hard for mommy to see her little girl with her backpack on and holding daddy's hand on the way in to the office. So big! Already!! Wow.

A day at a tech company would not be complete without some cool swag, so they sent Elise home with her own official eBay id badge, a nice little insulated lunchbox, a crazy straw, a bubble pen and a few other baubles. Cool. And exhausting. It's hard work, this going to work all day!

In other news, Heather got a pedicure on Tuesday which did not impress Elise. "I don't like orange toenails, Mommy. Go back and tell the lady to make them red."

Andy and Heather like playing cribbage after Elise goes to bed. After a week of losing games dramatically at the very end, Heather finally managed to break her losing streak tonight.

Flapjack now comes when she's called to go out for walks.

It's almost Friday!

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