Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where We Sleep

I'd like to think that I'm good at homemaking, but my ability to arrange furniture, hang pictures and organize stuff is largely limited to the utilitarian. Someday, I tell myself, I will actually design something that looks fantastic while still being functional.

Well, that day may have arrived for our bedroom! An attempt to keep a street light from shining in our eyes at night resulted in creative curtain placement. A trip to Ikea resulted in the purchase of two slick looking light fixtures. Put 'em all together, and you get the following:

And when they're on, the lights look a little like this, but without the glare.

My next project, to finish the room, will be to make a coordinating bedskirt and duvet cover. As I get pieces of the house put together "just right" I'll post more pictures.


Anonymous said...


I looked at those EXACT same light fixtures to put in our bedroom, clear over here in the farmland of France.

The bedspread is that same sage-y green that your curtains are...but sadly, the wallpaper is a pale lilac, and I can't seem to find much sage green here. Lime green, spring green, and hunter green, but nothing sage-y.

The former tenant is a wonderfully sweet woman with an impeccable sense of clothing style, but her choices of colors for living quarters are dubious to our American taste, at best. A powder room Pepto-Bismol pink with orange paper borders. A boys' (she has 2) bedroom with lime green paper on one wall, orange paper on the other walls, and blue gingham curtains. A lilac bedroom (it's her favourite color, apparently -- her wedding mementos were all lilac, too)...and the rec room downstairs safety green (at least I can do something fun and funky with that!)

At least the living room and dining room are a nice plaster-effect tan. Very neutral. A tad drab, but at least neutral enough to dress up with things.

SWE said...

Hahahaha! Great minds think alike. :) Pale lilac with sage accents doesn't sound too bad. I recommend the lamps wholeheartedly, but keep your level handy. Also, the clips aren't exactly equal in length, or at least they don't hold the glass at even heights. It took some ingenuity to get things even.

If you need sage stuff, lemmie know what you're looking for and we can get a decor rescue package off!

At least the color choices are bright instead of gloomy. :) Vivid! Colorful! Now I totally need to see pictures. :)