Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Moses supposes his toeses are roses
But Moses supposes erroneously.
Moses he knowses his toeses aren't roses
As Moses supposes his toeses to be.
-Singin' in the Rain

Here in San Jose, "winter" has arrived, and we know that because jackets are necessary in the morning and it has started raining sometimes. Our huge new yard is full of all kinds of treasures, and the ones we've discovered most recently are the roses. Scads of them. Lots of variety. Some very smelly, some hardly at all. Every last one of them, though, is gorgeous. I have been bringing a few inside. Well, maybe not a few. Lots! Some on the mantle, some on an end table, one in Elise's bedroom, one on the dining table. They make things so cheery!

We've been eating breakfast in the company of this one-

And Elise wanted to pose by these beauties.

This is the sight that greets us just outside our back door. Birds are a little skittish about the birdbath when we're right next to it, but stand back and wait awhile and little finches land on the rosebushes and on the bath. There is something to be said for being surrounded by beauty!

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