Friday, September 5, 2008

When life gives you a lemon tree...

...make lemonade!

We did last night, and it was tasty. I had no idea such juicy lemons existed anywhere.

Of course, it's not all sunshine and happiness. We've been having a hard time leaving this new house when it's time to go back to our "old house." Elise has these loud, shrieking tantrums complete with writhing on the ground. Given that we have central AC here and not there and it's going to be 99 today and 98 tomorrow, we may just avoid the place during the day this weekend. So many problems solved at once! (Note to self:acquire more fans before next summer...)

Once we get our ladder moved over, we'll be able to harvest some of the oranges from the orange tree and make orange juice for breakfast. Yum!


Linda said...

Ah to live in California now that the fruits are ripe. A kid promised me peaches off the tree in his backyard with the guarantee that they are best peaches I will ever eat. Alas, he (like his mother) is a bit flaky so the best I may ever get is a promise. If I promise to be nice can I visit you sometime and get fresh lemonade and/or orange juice.

Anonymous said...

You still have lemons and oranges?

WOW -- our picking season is done by December, so ours are full of hard green fruit for NEXT year right now.

Hope I have a fig tree on the other side.


Anonymous said...

What a treat! I'm glad you are already enjoying your new place so much! I wish that we could be sipping fresh lemonade in your yard with you. If you get too warm, you can think of us with our daytime high yesterday of 55, and our frost warnings tonight. :-)

Have a great weekend!

SWE said...

You're all invited over for lemonade! And orange juice! Wait a month or so, though, since I think I got the only two ripe lemons we'll see for eons. For some unknown reason, this particular tree was planted in the shade so I'm not sure how productive it will be long-term. The oranges desperately need picking so that some new ones can set on. I'm seeing a few blossoms, so hopefully we'll have some around this winter. I know nothing about fruit trees, so Sunshine I may just be asking your advice very soon. Well, at least after you're settled in France. (Fingers crossed for you on the fig tree. Yum!)