Friday, September 12, 2008

Cotton-Poly Blends Unite

It's a little hard to believe that an ignoramus in Florida can get national attention for being a cranky old man. And yet, in today's world he can. Of course, I'm doing my part to spread this mess around. But the guy is so comical and therefore an easy target. "Obama Half-Breed Muslin" indeed, you old coot.

Or at least easier than all of the quiet bigots who honestly believe they couldn't possibly be one of those horrible people who's a racist. There was a fascinating piece on NPR the other day which talked about people's experience with issues of race and their bearing on their election choices. By the end, I was disheartened that we are generally all so deluded. But, I also noticed that the participants were more aware of their bias as a result of their discussion.

I think that it's time to finally put to rest the notion of color-blindness as a virtue. People notice different skin colors. The key is to aware of your response to race, and do something productive with it. Many others have said this more eloquently than I, but seeing this doofus in action reminds me that we all have our own inner dufus. It's probably time to get in touch. A knee-jerk vote (regardless of the recipient thereof) is not in anyone's interest.

What's your inner dufus saying these days? And what crazed sign will it put out on your front lawn?


Anonymous said...

In the bizarre world that is Florida, Barefoot Bay is one of the more bizarre corners. (yes, I said that knowing that B.B. is actually in the middle of one of the straight parts...poetic license, etc., etc.)

While his sign is wrong on all kinds of levels (although the thought of a 50/50 muslin blend made me choke on my coffee) having a bizarre sign in one's front yard is sort of de rigeur for the crazier corners of Florida. The one next door likely says something about alien invasions.

This is a weird place...full of even weirder people -- the trick is finding the level of eccentricity you are happy with!

Roni said...

Political signage and advertising is only allowed by law here in New Zealand beginning two months before the decided election date. This basically reduces the political race to a two month frenzy just as things are warming for spring and the rain won't dissolve lawn signs. It's nice and quiet, but doesn't have the flair of the US political scene. I doubt we'll see anything as amusing as the good 'ol boys in the US of A can come up with, but we'll keep our eyes open and take pictures of anything we do find.

I am the proud owner of an Obama '08 bumper sticker and drive it to work every day. The students at school ask me all the time if I support Obama; I tell them to use their reading skills to figure it out. I'll likely wear my matching lapel button on Nov. 4 in solidarity with my vocal/loud countrymen. No signs for us, though, as our yard is hidden from the road by another lot/house.

SWE said...

Hooray for crazy?

Awesome that you have your bumper sticker on, Roni. We have a strict "no sticker" policy here at Steingruebl World Enterprises. I've had to settle for sticking mine to the inside of the side windows at the back of the station wagon.

You're lucky to be abroad this season, as maybe you can escape some of the bizarre that is Sarah Palin. There are actually intelligent, qualified Republican women out there. McCain's picking Palin was a slap in the face to hard working, thoughtful women everywhere and he ought to be ashamed.