Friday, September 12, 2008

Beyond the Palin

Nothing says "successful marketing ploy" like a VP candidate that nobody can stop talking about. It's so reassuring to see that stupidity can still overshadow any attempt at thoughtful public discourse. Stay classy, John McCain. Way to serve.

We decided that watching some cage fighting on TV last night would be more relaxing than watching Charlie Gibson's interview of Sarah Palin. It turns out we were right. At least based on my bloodpressure after watching this clip.

I'm sure at this point that my readers from Montana are wondering why Palin qualified for a spot on the Republican ticket but Judy Martz didn't.

Disgracefully ignorant. I haven't mustered a donation for Obama yet, but I think now may be the time. My other action item for this week has been to join the ACLU's Constitution Voter campaign. Take a look and see if you're a Constitution Voter too!


Joe said...

I am and am waiting for my bumper sticker in the mail.

SWE said...

I ~knew~ I wasn't the only one!