Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clean Your Bathrooms, People

I'm not exactly a paragon of housewifery and sparkly bathrooms, but I do have standards. But, when I swipe a wall with a damp cloth, I expect both towel and wall to stay their original color. How on earth does one render every square inch of a bathroom that dirty? I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.

Tuesday was supposed to be my day to get all kinds of things unpacked and put away. Instead, I spent it scrubbing the downstairs bathroom. Every last inch of it. It's going to take a few months of regular cleaning to get the last of the soap scum. I'm hoping that the Mr. Clean magic erasers will get the strange color out of the grout by the sink. I mean, really, how much face powder does one countertop really need?

So yes, I'm judgmental. The previous tenants of this place didn't clean. At all, apparently. The landlady did a bang-up job of mucking things out, but there is room for further improvement. I'm looking forward to unpacking and getting all settled in. I'll be cleaning as I go.


Anonymous said...

Ew. Yuck. Good luck with that! I hate the thought of cleaning someone else's grunge and grime.

Roni said...

Dude, you are not alone. I think most people that rent have had that situation at one time or another. I think landlords are afraid of bathrooms and stick to cleaning everything else. Your situation happened to us when we moved into our first place in Wellington, only instead of face powder and soap scum we had mold and mildew.

My sympathies.

Linda said...

This is not limited to rentals, though rentals are more consistently abused. I have known folks to buy houses only to find that under that pretty, staged facade lies dirt and mold and other fun stuff. Then, of course, they really have to get rid of it because it is their property. Not so fun. Besides, some other family's crud always seems worse than filth we create ourselves.

SWE said...

It's kinda sad to think that my experience isn't just a one-off. I hate cleaning bathrooms, but you can bet that the ones I've recently left behind will be spotless for the landlord.

Because, as Linda says, other people's crud is indeed worse than our own. Ewwwwww. Nobody wants to come home to that!