Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hooray for Pirates!

Lest we forget the value of religion in society today, I would like to point out the stellar example of Pastafarians in Arkansas. Truly the best possible response to the lunacy that is Westboro Baptist "Church". Brilliant. Just brilliant. Thank you, Arkansas Pastafarians.


Anonymous said...

Huh? What did the Pastafarians do?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my brother--that is why she gave us a link so you could read all about it and Heather's lovely fingers could rest.

SWE said...

These awesome Arkansans managed to upstage some obnoxious haters by drawing fantastic amounts of positive attention to themselves. Brilliant. Instead of giving the Westboro folks a chance to stir up public wrath (and therefore ATTENTION! YAY GOODY ATTENTION!) they gave people permission to party and laugh. Best hater takedown ~ever~.