Sunday, September 21, 2008


Hi everyone!

We did it! We moved! The new house is lovely, if chaotic. The old house has waaaaay too many things that didn't sell in the garage sale. I'm glad that we have a few weeks left to get everything moved out/cleaned up. because honestly, I'm worn out.

Elise was sick for moving day, and has been pretty miserably congested all weekend. Today, however, she was feeling very well. All of that energy was a little hard for the grownups to take, but Beaker seemed to benefit from the competition. The two of them were zany and loud all day today. I'm hoping to get Elise outside a LOT tomorrow. Beaker too, maybe.

The concept of yesterday's garage sale was a little tricky for Elise to handle. Of course, she never plays with her baby toys anymore, but that doesn't mean she wants to get rid of 'em. Tricky stuff. Especially for the child of a couple of terminal pack-rats. We talked it over, and she was willing to let a few things go without a fight with the knowledge that we'd take the proceeds to get something more suitable for a big girl. It seemed reasonable at the time.

Those who know me well know that I have a real problem with Disney. And that I'm not too thrilled about Barbie dolls. Those who are familiar with the concept of foreshadowing now have a very good idea as to the toy Elise chose. If you guessed "Cinderella Barbie," you're a winner! And your prize is to keep track of the @#$% glass slippers, tiara and scepter that fall off all over the place. Mwahahahahaha. I'm hoping the princess craze will be short-lived. But I'm not holding my breath as I don't care to turn as blue as Cinderella's sparkly dress.

We're still waiting for the tooth fairy here. Elise's loose tooth refuses to fall out, in spite of the fact that its replacement is already completely through. Ugh. She has yet to figure out just how squeamish wiggly teeth make me, which I think is a good thing. More updates as we have 'em.

Anyway, we're well. We're tired. We'll take some pictures someday, and might even post 'em! Hopefully, things will come together quickly now and I'll be back in the swing of my virtual life again soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh, good! I'm glad Elise is into Barbies. Grandpa Karl and I have ordered her a Sarah Palin action figure doll complete with bikini and semi-automatic weapon. Actually, not. But as you can see, it could always be worse. :-) Has Elise seen the advertising that goes along with the Dysentary movie about the two princesses who are best friends? It's for sale now. :-)

I hope the congestion and tiredness from the move end soon, and that you can sit back and just enjoy your new abode!


Linda said...

I don't know what it means in the grand scale of things, but one of my daughers (you guess who) used to have two Barbie dolls. (Don't blame me they were hand-me-downs from somewhere.) They were supposed to represent two different races. Often I found my darling daughter popping off body parts--legs and arms, but mostly heads--and do a little mix and match. It seems that was much more fun than just changing their clothes.

A friend of mine, when I was 8 or so, would invite me over to play a game she called "Dirty Barbies". The game involved Ken visiting all the girl dolls briefly and then the us shoving socks up under the girls' dresses. Classy, huh!? I really did not understand it at the time, and I still don't understand the appeal of it.

Jaya said...

I think the first Barbie in our house was from my kiddie Egyptology class at the museum--we had mummified her with gauze tape and a shoebox. Of course, the fact that we had to UN-mummify her to play with her, and the fact that she had an incision in her back for the embalming spices, made her rather cool and subversive, though admittedly I didn't see it at the time.

When I was Elise's age I liked to go to the art museum to see pictures of real princesses (and, come to think of it, I still do.) Nowadays you can circumvent the car trip and potential whining in a big echoey gallery by pulling up all the portraits you could ever want on the web. And let's face it--Velasquez's royal family is much cooler than Barbie.