Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sharks and Oilers

Alas, the Sharks fell to the Oilers tonight. It wasn't the prettiest match I've seen since I started watching hockey two weeks ago. Lots of penalties and sprinting across the ice, and the Sharks just didn't keep up. If I didn't know and like some people in Alberta, I'd be nursing quite the grudge after the Sharks' recent losses to both Calgary and Edmonton. As it is, I'm hoping the Sharks will look a wee bit better on the their upcoming road trip.

One interesting thing to note, though. If this had been football, Grier would have celebrated his short-handed goal by pointing in the general direction of the sky, and maybe a quick prayer. Since it wasn't football, he settled for pointing to his team-mate who made a stellar assist. Draw your own conclusions from this single event, of course. But I'm starting to believe that hockey requires less in the way of divine intervention to be interesting.

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Anonymous said...

As a fan of all things Alberta with emphasis on my beloved (for no good reason) OILERS, I can only say, in the most sportsmanlike way possible, "neener, neener, neener!"

Are you reeaady to rrrumble?