Monday, February 25, 2008

Resident Photographer

In case it wasn't already very very clear, we're quite proud of our girl. With so many reasons for this, I'm sure I'd drive away the last of my readers if I were to enumerate. (We're all very modest here.) Today, I'd like to share the latest.

I told Elise this morning that the foggy weather is the sort photographers love because it is the perfect light for taking pictures outside. With that in mind, she agreed to a photo expedition to the park. She hasn't been using the camera she got for her birthday as much as we'd hoped, so it was nice to see her enthusiasm. I was not prepared for the absolutely amazing photos she turned out, though.

Presenting: Elise's photographic debut!

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Lady


Anonymous said...

Wow, Elise!!!
You are glamorous and a photographer. I am very, very impressed. I look forward to many more glamor shots and great photos.
Aunt Linda

Peter said...

Very nice, Elise! You've got an eye for photography, I think! Auntie Roni and I are looking forward to seeing more of your urban photojournalistic talents.

SWE said...

Thanks for the kudos, folks. We're proud of our little photographer. :)