Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not in Chicago Anymore...

How do we know we’re not in Chicago anymore? Let us count the ways...

1. The climate is completely different. It’s dry. It’s cool overnight and warms up by about the mid afternoon.

2. The attorneys advertising on daytime TV are all different. Farewell Harvey Wallner, Briskman & Briskman and of course Peter Francis Geraci.

3. Everyone drives everywhere, and forget parking at a shopping plaza any time around noon.

4. Food is more expensive than Chicago, both at the grocery store and at restaurants.

5. The plumbing all works. Drains drain, showers are more like power washers. And that’s just here in our corporate housing which isn’t ~that~ new or ~that~ fancy.

6. We have our very own washer and dryer. We’re looking to help that trend continue.

7. People who do service jobs are actually friendly. They, like, smile and stuff. And they seem to even want to be helpful. It’s weird.

8. There are no sirens, horns, airplanes, trains, golden arches adjacent to our living space. It’s eerily quiet.

9. Everything is carpeted. Well, maybe not everything but you ‘d be hard pressed to find an apartment with hardwood floors.

10. There are HILLS! There are MOUNTAINS! We’re living in a flat valley, but there’s actual landscape that’s not paved over.

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