Monday, August 21, 2006

Home Sweet (almost) Home

Above please find a picture of the townhome community where we’ll be living starting mid-September. If everything goes well. Anybody have sway in the world of Spanish work visas?

This place is coming available because the owner is moving to Spain for 2 years. The big wrinkle is that he and his wife are waiting for their visas to come through. With assurances that everything is on track to come together by the second week of September, we paid a security deposit.

We’re pretty excited because this place is HUGE, beautiful, right next to a giant park, up the street from an even snazzier park and children’s museum, near both light rail and CalTrain, walking distance to a few little shops. Also, Andy found out today that there’s a free shuttle to his office that stops at the CalTrain station, so he could potentially commute for free.

Oh yeah-aside from the housing situation...Today was Andy’s first day at his new job! Not a lot to report on that at the moment, except to say it’s weird to be the newest in a group of a lot of new people. He’ll get the hang of it. :)

Elise hasn’t been feeling well, so today we kept pretty close to home. President Bush’s 10am press conference was of course a 7am event for us, and we watched a little of it on TV as we were waking up. Elise snuggled on my lap, pointed and said, “He has ears.” When asked if they were big ears or little ears, she said, “He has BIG ears!”

Then, at lunchtime I knew she was feeling better because when told that she needed to sit in her chair to eat applesauce, our little darling gave me a calculating look and said, “I do not understand what Mommy is saying.” It was hard for Mommy to continue the conversation with a straight face. She knew exactly what I was saying, she just wanted to see if I really meant it.

So-a busy day! We’re already thinking of ways to keep busy tomorrow...

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