Wednesday, August 2, 2006


Wow-things are moving fast here! We’re talking with movers and a pet transport company, getting car transport estimates, figuring out what goes in boxes, using up perishables and waiting waiting to head on out. Assuming the moving company from San Jose can get here before then, our estimated departure date is August 14.

The whole surgery thing has thrown us for a loop-especially as recovery has been a lot more difficult than after previous operations. Suffice it to say that none of the “For a good time call...” notices you see scrawled on bathroom walls have anything to do with ventral hernia repair. (In case you were wondering.)

Having the mommy of the house laid up presents some unique challenges at moving time. Unfortunately, we had to look outside of our normal pool for sitter help and it didn’t work out well. An area nanny agency sent us a lovely young lady who we liked at first, (I’ll call her “L”), but after 4 days with her Elise became an absolute monster. As near as we can figure out, L pretty much took orders from Elise full-time. Give a 2 1/2 year old and inch and she’ll take a mile.

Whether it’s a new phase or bad behavior brought on by an incompatible discipline style, time will tell. We have felt like the meanest mommy and daddy in the whole world the past several days as we work to re-establish our familiar behavioral norms. Elise’s beloved Mimi (that’s Michele to the rest of us) is sailing to the rescue later this week, so let the Wild Rumpus come to a halt! Woo hoo!

Last but not least (it’s been a week so I’m packing lots in) it’s been a blast furnace here the past few days, and we’re looking forward to a cool front moving in overnight. We’re also looking forward to a visit from the Grandparents Steingruebl later next week-stay tuned for more exciting details!

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