Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Hey, wait! Those aren't Steingruebls!

Hey wait-those aren’t Steingruebls!

Excellent observation, gentle reader. Pictured above you see very dear friend Raeghan Graessle and her darling son Jerome. With the mommy of the Steingruebl household not quite up to snuff, they came to our rescue today and spent the entire day with us. It was marvelous.

Jerome is a super baby and didn’t complain about taking naps in strange places. He also has the most brilliant smile. Elise loooooved bringing him his binky and toys and whatever else she could-she even shared her Thomas sofa with him which says a lot about how much we both enjoyed having “Auntie Waygen and Duhwome” with us for the day.

Raeghan was even kind enough to take our goldfish into the bosom of her family so we know she’s off to a good home. (We didn’t think it would be sporting to add the fish to the pet transportation eBay is providing for us.)
Thank you, Raeghan and Jerome!

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