Saturday, August 5, 2006

Looking Ahead (The Viewmaster!)

So-we’ve pretty well got our brains wrapped around this moving thing.
This afternoon, Elise and Daddy put books in a box to take to “San Jose California!” Elise was very helpful. She’s almost as excited as the household grownups.

In the past few days, Elise has benefitted from spending time with Mimi, but we think this next and more intense version of the terrible twos is here to stay. Ah well. When else in life can one be so insanely cute ~and~ a crazy monster all at once?

Thursday, Grandpa Chuck (and maybe Grandma Judy) will be driving in to drop off myriad wonderful toys that the cousins have outgrown. We’d like to state publicly that we think Jennifer and April are being very generous!

Friday, the movers are expected. They’ll load up everything that we currently have in storage, and then they’ll stop by our apartment to pick up the last odds and ends.
All we have left to arrange are the airline tickets, pet transport and car transport, and where we’re going to rest our heads on the evening of the 14th. Lucky us, the nice relocation people are handling all but the car. :)

A busy week ahead-we’re looking forward to it!