Friday, December 21, 2007


I just looked at my inbox (it's 6 minutes to midnight here) and realized that there is no way I'm catching up with all of the email I haven't been answering in the past week. Yargh. I will get there, just not tonight.

But, not to leave you empty handed, check out this cool video about bonobos:

And, be forewarned, looking around the website from which it comes is dangerous. And fun.

So, here I am, the email dodger extraordinaire introducing you to danger...


Roni said...

We love TED talks at our house! You can subscribe to them via iTunes and pick up enough so that you never have to check email again.

Good clip find. I hadn't seen that particular talk before. Thanks for posting!

Peter said...

Ooh! Cool talk. Roni and I definitely love watching these. We're still catching up on the backlog now. This is one that we haven't seen. Pretty heady stuff. I feel less special as a human now. Crazy to see the bonobos doing just about everything that we think makes us privileged.