Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Interweb based fun

Hi folks! The Magnificent Frog introduced me to this lovely game, and I'm hoping you'll participate! Here's how it works, as lifted entirely from the aforementioned Frog.

Essentially someone posts a word (in this case it would be me) and then the reader (you) rushes off to image search it. They (you) then post an entry with the amusing picture and a new word and rush back to say that you have done so.

We all then spend oodles of time cavorting about t’Internet putting silly pictures up and much fun is had by all.

My word is ancient, and here is my silly picture:

Your word is spinach.

Have fun, and don't forget to put the rules up on your own post. :)


Peter said...

Eek, you've been infected by the LOLCATS meme! I think that it takes several rounds of multiple powerful antibiotics to get rid of.

SWE said...

I can haz commentz? Iz in yur compyutur messin wit yur memes.

Anonymous said...


A fence with spinach in its teeth.

Your word is Spoke