Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Finally, some pictures again!

I used to try to attach at least one image to entries, something to catch the eye you know. But then I turned into a lazy slacker. And kept forgetting to find the camera and grab the pictures off of it. To make up for months of neglect, I'm going to spend a long time waiting for Blogger to upload each and every one of the following images. Enjoy!

Job and the lovely Sarah came to visit. It was awesome. Elise got to hear stories as read by Job which was even more awesome. Better still, Sarah might come out this way for school, so we could potentially be luring them both out here in the future.

Astronomy camping in style. As you can see I didn't camp alone. Here's one view of Chez Dan's

And, my campsite. Of which I was proud. This was before I installed a makeshift rain shelter in the form of a tarp bungee corded to the tree and the picnic table.
Our latest trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Elise's favorite part-the waves...

Also, creating art in the new otter exhibit
We got home to discover that Grandma Char had sent a cool new sweater, apparently to remind us of our trip. (Now is that advanced planning or what?)
That big smile on Elise's face pretty well sums it up. We'll keep the camera a little handier in the future!

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