Thursday, July 26, 2007

Excitement at the Improv

Tonight, Andy and I headed for the San Jose Improv to see Don McMillan. I will not bore you with the details of how I received an offer for free tickets to this show on 3 different days, thought I had chosen Thursday only to find out that I'd really got tickets for Friday. Oh no. And I will also not dwell on the fact that tripping over kid-sized furniture can sprain or possibly break sensitive pinky toes. These things are only sort-of related to the larger story.

The best part of the evening is that Cousin Geetha came over to spend some quality time with Elise while we went out. I had no idea just how wonderful it could be to have kid-friendly family in town. Reports are that things went very well, and I'm not surprised given how very much Elise adores Geetha and would rather eat spaghetti than disappoint her.

We got to the theater, discovered that I'd reserved free tickets for the wrong day, and bought tickets anyway. The host was funny, and the headliner was very funny. It made up for the lousy show I suckered my moms' group friends into seeing there last weekend. (For me, anyway. The rest of the group is still waiting.) The show was good enough that I am now not embarassed to give my 4 free tickets to Friday's show to Geetha.

Beause we live right next to the light rail, it's pretty much the perfect way to get downtown. The San Jose Grand Prix is this weekend, which means that the train is pretty much the only option at this point. I love that.

We bought our tickets to return home after a great show, and noticed the not so faint smell of marijuana on the air. So we started looking around casually to locate the source. We never saw who was smoking the pot, because we instead saw a man lying across the train tracks. How did he get there? We dunno.

As I'm staring in disbelief and looking at the train that I'm hoping will not pull out of the station, Andy looks around and hails a passing fire truck. The firemen looked a little stunned to be flagged down like some kind of cab, but they were great. Within 10 minutes an ambulance had been loaded up and the firetrucks had gone. The crowd of onlookers dispersed.

We got on the next train that came, and thought about how little it takes for any of us to go from "normal" to "spectacle" in any given moment. I hope the guy we saw is okay, and that you are too.


Roni said...

Way to go, guys. I'm kind of surprised that no one hase given you a kudos for saving a guy's life on this post yet...but then again, it took me a while to get around to posting, too.

It's nice to know that Steingrueble World Enterprises is doing its part to make the world a litte bit safer for the rest of us. :)

A sobering though, indeed, to think that any one of us could end up passed out on a railroad track. No such worries down here (although I sometimes feel like I've been hit by a truck at the end of the day). Good to see you're out enjoying yourself.

Roni said...

BTW, sorry about the typos. I'm blaming it on the truck. :)

SWE said...

I don't think we really did much to help save the gentleman-it would have been hard for the train conductor to miss him lying across the well-lit tracks right next to the station The greater part of my amazement came from seeing Andy think to look around for an emergency responder while I was still trying to figure out what was going on. Still not sure how he did that, but I was impressed. :)