Tuesday, July 3, 2007


After weeks of salivating, I've taken the plunge and purchased a telescope of my very own. Yes, I think it's the one I mentioned before-the Orion XT8. Even better, I bought the gently used floor model at enough of a discount to also rationalize getting a filter. This is a pretty expensive hobby long term, so it seems reasonable to hold out on more bits and pieces for awhile.

This telescope is a thing of great beauty, but as Andy pointed out last night, I'm probably going to have to get it outside in order to see much with it. I've been so tired lately, and dark sky sites are far enough out that I'd rather not drive to them without a little more sleep. So, the plan is to meet friends at Coyote Lake County Park on Thursday. (Probably also again on Saturday.)

I'm hoping this lovely telescope becomes a regular member of the family, and to that end I think it needs a name. Please submit your suggestions here in the comments, and we will devise some sort of fabulous prize for the name chosen among what I expect will be thousands of entries. And, you could probably feel free to discuss your winning entry in public, unlike if you entered this contest.

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