Thursday, July 5, 2007

Maiden Voyage

This was it-my first night out observing with my very own telescope. It was warm, but all in all the seeing wasn't spectacular due to some clouds and an unusual amount of skyglow from Gilroy making Lake Coyote Park a little brighter than usual. But the views through my telescope were lovely.

After I got it pointed in the right direction.

I decided (initially) to hold off on purchasing any sort of red dot finder, figuring it couldn't be too hard to get things in the spotting scope and then aim the real deal. Hah! Some variety of un-magnified finder will be coming soon to a telescope near me...

So, while I had great fun learning how to collimate and getting familiar with my fantastic new equipment, I didn't get to see much this time around. However, one of the best parts of amateur astronomy is getting to meet other enthusiasts. Lou (who kindly took time midweek to help me try out my new toys) introduced me to her friend Peter, and I'm looking forward to seeing him (and learning from him) as time goes on.

I had lists and lists prepared of stuff I wanted to see, and ended up not finding any of it. These things happen. An added finder thingie ought to sort that for the next outing. I got a nice look at the Flying Spaghetti Monster (aka Delphinus) and eventually managed Jupiter as well. So, all in all not an unqualified success, but a pretty good night nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping that you would get out with your new telescope and that we would get to read about it. I wish that I could have been there to see Jupiter and the moons! Keep learning so you can teach us lots when you come in August!