Friday, August 15, 2008

Two Years

Two years ago today, Steingruebl World Enterprises closed its Chicago headquarters and relocated to San Jose, CA. Two whole years! Ohmygoodness. One of my favorite things to do when I was about Elise's age was to stop at various points in any journey and remark, "Look how far we've come! In solidarity with my four-year-old self, I'd like to do a bit of that on this momentous anniversary.

It's hard to believe we were the same people then that we are now. Two years ago, we had just come from 4 months of temporary housing as we wrapped up The Job Search, and we still had another month of temporary housing ahead of us. I was recovering from the excruciatingly painful hernia repair that ultimately led to the decision to forego the addition of a second junior associate. Earlier that week, liquids were banned on airplanes, as were such things as yogurt and applesauce for picky 2 1/2 year olds. I had never seen San Jose until the plane started its long, smooth descent to the airport. I had never used "sky stairs" to disembark, either, and it was a cheap thrill that made me feel all presidential.

Now, we're getting ready to leave our home of 2 years as the landlords prepare to return from their 2 year adventure in Europe. It is possible to buy overpriced food at the airport in order to feed your kids. I'm hernia-free and half way to confirmation that my recent Essure procedure worked. The airport here is growing up and is no longer the cute little thing of two years ago. And, if all goes as planned, by this time tomorrow we will have signed a lease for a beautiful house with an incredible yard. All of this without even having to leave our neighborhood! The prospect of being really settled is making us all a bit giddy.

Look how far we've come! It's been a good trip so far.


Peter said...

Is this the house that you showed me pictures of before? If so, that's pretty awesome. Good luck with your home leasing!

Niki Naeve said...

Ooo can't wait to see the new place! Good luck - I hope to see you happily settled soon!

SWE said...

Thanks, folks! It is indeed the house of which you saw pictures, bro. And it's better than the pics.

We signed the lease yesterday and are thrilled to pieces. The yard has orange, lemon, plum and nectarine trees. Also a walnut tree. And a big, beautiful cactus. Oh, and the gigantic butterfly bush.

The previous tenants trashed the place, but I'm so impressed by the landlady's clean-up efforts. We're drawing up floor plans and furniture to scale so that we know where to put stuff. And which stuff to get rid of.

It's so nice to move and know exactly where we're headed!

Anonymous said...

You have indeed come very far. I am glad! Now all you need to do is sit for a while on the "Johnny Bench" and contemplate both past and future.