Sunday, August 31, 2008


Oh my, I can't even think of where to begin. This afternoon, we here at Steingruebl World Enterprises headed over to our new headquarters to meet up with our landlady, give her $$$$, and collect keys. It's finally sinking in that this really is going to be our home. How did we get lucky enough to live someplace so nice?!

Since the last time we were there, our landlady has been busy. Well, maybe extremely busy. Along with her crack team of handypersons. All of the bedrooms have been repainted. The carpet, which was such a concern due to a previous feline resident, has all been replaced. Yes, you read that right. Replaced! And, it's a beautiful, neutral berber that looks just fantastic. And so nice to care for-I have really missed the berber we had in our bedrooms back in Chicago.

Then, the little details have all been attended to. She replaced the old mailbox and porch light, and now they are shiny, new and gorgeous. She's installed new, copper-accented ground lighting in the back yard. She's painted the front door. And these are just the things that are readily apparent and made our jaws drop.

We've had a run of good landlords (after a couple of duds our first two places together) so we've been a little spoiled. But, I have to say, I have never felt so taken care of when moving in someplace. Words can not even begin to express. I don't think I've ever teared up from all of the nice things a landlord has done for me before now. The fact that Andy and I are both so excited we can hardly stand it gives me great confidence that we've finally found a place we'll be able to call home for a good, long time.

Tune in next time when we will have pictures and everything!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds great! CONGRATULATIONS!