Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Levitation Administration

What kind of party game is this, anyway? It is a game played by idiots, inciting boundless fury and signifying nothing good for our democracy.

I'd say that Mukasey must be crazy except that this sort of thing is now par for the course under the corrupt Bush regime. Apparently, the Justice Department is now free to decide which laws its employees don't have to follow. Don't get me wrong-I, too, have trouble paying attention to a lot of the crap Congress spews these days. But I think I do a bang-up job of keeping up with what's wildly, blatantly, illegal.

Combine this with the nonsense about optional Endangered Species Act compliance for federally funded projects, and we see a surprisingly busy week in the shrubbery. I now find myself grateful that Bush has taken so much vacation time over the years. Imagine the mayhem if he had made it in to the office more often! Yet another achievement for this president: the re-branding of sloth as a virtue.

Put down your bongs and listen up, party animals. You're not above the law. This levitation thing is just a cheap party trick. An illusion that is real only in your own addled minds. It's clear that the cops aren't going to break this thing up early, but it's gotta end sometime. I don't envy you the aftermath. Oh, and forget about an afterparty. Nobody's gonna come.

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