Monday, July 21, 2008

War Criminals

As the Bush Regime enters the home stretch of its direct assault on, well, everything that matters, it's time for all of us to think about the future we envision for the bastards. Clearly, Dennis "Crazypants" Kucinich hasn't managed to share his nothing to lose/can-do spirit with enough of his colleagues to hand the president the impeachment he so richly deserves. It is clearly not going to happen as long as Bush is "in power" (read: signing off on every hair-brained, immoral, unconstitutional thing anyone in his administration can imagine with the full permission of a feckless Congress) so we need to get over that outrage and start thinking ahead.

War criminals should be prosecuted. These guys may not want to recognize the International Criminal Court, but it's a safe bet the ICC recognizes them for what they are. The Red Cross does. And, since we can't seem to get any of our elected officials to demand any sort of accountability here at home, what do we have left? We here at Steingruebl World Enterprises were discussing this over breakfast today, and we're hopeful that actual leaders around the planet might detain some of our high-profile war criminals as part of an investigation into all of those extraordinary renditions. It's about time we collectively acknowledge to the rest of the world that we've dug ourselves a deep hole and we now most sorely need their help to find our way back to such things as human rights and the rule of law. "Watch out! We've lost control of the horses and the wagon's headed for the river! Help!" Maybe someone will take pity and come to the rescue? One thing is certain-we're not yelling loud enough yet.

And that doesn't even begin to address the crimes they've committed here at home. At some point, we get so far past shameful that it doesn't mean anything anymore. Illegal needs to mean something again.

I'm looking for good ways to amplify my voice. So far, I think they have the right idea over at En Tequila Es Verdad. If nothing else, the birthplace of the Carnival of Elitist Bastards deserves some attention. I've got the passion, I've got the vitriol, now I need to channel it productively. Please use the comments to share your favorite organizations for protecting human rights, the US Constitution, unicorns etc. What positive action are you taking? Can I come too?

It appears that some New Zealanders take pity on us, and have offered a reward for a Condi Rice citizen's arrest. Hey wait! I know someone who works at that very university! Superhero opportunity. Looks like the $5K is for students only, but surely some organizing can be done...

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Anonymous said...

War criminals is only about half of the problem. I am all for the World Court etc. I am putting my money into institutionalizing Peace work with a cabinet level department of Peace and Nonviolent Solutions. Another good idea fron Dennis Kucinich. The bill has lots of sponsors in the house including a brand new Republican sponsor. This will not be a solution but it is a positive step toward building governmental structures which will impede future preemptive strikes and war monger wannabes. Just as people had to build an American Democracy and a International Criminal Court, we need to build a culture of peace through positive institutions. Check it out at