Thursday, July 24, 2008

Top 'o the Mornin'

Ah, some early-morning randomness before I fire up the coffee maker and get the day started here at Steingruebl World Enterprises.

1. You know you've stayed up too late when you go to brush your teeth before bed and instead of opening the toothpaste you open your deodorant. You know you've been up waaaaaay too late when you stare blankly at said deodorant, wonder why the toothpaste is behaving so strangely and then consider rubbing your toothbrush on the deodorant since the usual squeezing action looks like it would be ineffective. What stopped me? My love of the movie Amelie-it has apparently hard-wired me to be wary of such things.

2. Giving Elise a haircut is difficult, but worthwhile. I can't believe I was so conservative about the bangs that I ended up leaving them too long. The whole point was to get the hair out of her eyes!

3. Beaker is going to school with Elise for about a half-hour today. We've prepared by talking about some of the things he likes best and some of the things he does. With any luck, Elise will be willing to do some of the talking. I'm planning on teaching the kids some bird body language. Luckily (or unluckily) Beaker is in the midst of a tremendous molt right now. This means that we have lots of feathers to take to school for the kids to look at and touch and examine with a magnifying glass. It also means that Beaker is a little cantankerous and will probably be a challenge. Add to the fact that I forgot to trim the razor sharp points off his toenails and to get his wings clipped, and it may well be an interesting morning. The idea of keeping him in his carrier keeps looking more appealing all of the time.

4. No new housing leads, but I'm optimistic about the one I learned about last week.

5. I am very jealous of the bloggers I read who are at the ComiCon in San Diego this weekend. How come the SJ show didn't have any Doctor Who?! Anyway, it looks like a blast.

6. There is a social networking site aimed at atheists. Given the amazing response to my last post about atheism, I thought some of my readers would be interested. It's not nearly as noisy as Facebook (and not quite as easy to use, really) but it's great to have a place to talk with people just like me. If you're so inclined, check out Atheist Nexus and be my friend. :)

7. I've been reading more and it feels good. I might even come up with a library book list for the week after Beaker and I get back from school...

That's about it. Thanks for reading!

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