Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Strange Bedfellows

With lots of other stuff to write about and little time to write, I am taking a moment to mention our Constitution, our law breaking executives, and something positive to do about it all.

Most anyone who has been paying attention is shocked that the new and "improved" FISA bill passed. Obama's vote for that mess made me so angry I could spit. McCain's chicken**** skipping out on the vote was at least as cowardly.

The bottom line is that we are living in an era in which it is okay for our government to check up on us quietly and without our permission. There are laws against this kind of thing. I have a little thingie at the bottom of my blog that gives you a daily dose of the Constitution should you wish to stay on familiar terms with it. For those who think it can't be that bad to have your government spying on you, I'd like to recommend the movie Lives of Others.

Rather than raging impotently, I'd like to do something about this criminal activity initiated by the Executive and facilitated by the Legislative branch of our government. I say our government because it is that, but only if we actually exercise even the teeeeeensiest bit of oversight.

So, please check out Strange Bedfellows. If you're so inclined, please pledge and donate by August 8th. Your country thanks you.

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Jaya said...

Is it a sign that I'm not very politically involved if I haven't heard of most of their sponsoring blogs and don't read any of them?

Anonymous said...

It is worse than you think. I will send you "THE END OF AMERICA" by Naomi Wolf. I don't completely buy her arguement but it is enough to scare me. When I am finished I will also pass on "THE SHOCK DOCTRINE" by Naomi Klein. Its a better arguement by a better journalist and it really is the scarriest conspiracy theory I've come across.

Cefapro de Juara said...

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