Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Finally, some pictures! (Part 1)

Things have been a little hectic around here, but I finally managed to locate both the camera and the card reader at the same time. (Yay, me!) Looking over what we've got, I'd say we need to remember to keep the camera a little more handy. However, the things you see here should give some of the flavor of our trip.

There are more to upload, but I'm done with Picasa for tonight, especially considering that I am going on a field trip with preschoolers tomorrow. Hope you enjoy! If the slideshows are too tiny and captions too hard to read, just click on 'em and you'll get a new window that lets you see everything without a magnifying lens...

First stop, Boston!

Next, a lot of driving up the coast of Maine. We really should have stopped for more pictures along the way-it was lovely.

And, here are our photos from the day of Job & Sarah's wedding.

Stay tuned for more pictures from our lovely trip. I promise there will be more before you're too old and blind to see them, folks.

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