Monday, November 5, 2007


It's a little frightening that the presidential election is a year away and it already feels like the process has been one obnoxiously long slog. I don't like any of it. The Republicans make me ill, pretty much all of them. I see no redeeming qualities. And that's not just a product of my lifelong liberalhood. Those guys are nutbags.

The Democrats aren't impressing me much either. Obama has been my favorite from the start (he is my former Senator, after all) but his recent pandering to religious homophobes has me anxious and confused. Hillary, in spite of being the apparent front-runner, is really a pain to listen to. Have any of these people who love her so much actually listened to her talk? It's awful. She makes no sense and answers nothing. I don't think she could state her own name unambiguously if her life depended on it. Not cool.

Hilariously, John Edwards (who I think is a populist idiot in many ways) has a new commercial out that gets to the heart of my problem with Hillary. I'm hoping that it will get a little press and she'll have to actually answer a question or two.

On the other hand, Hillary is the only one I've seen with a clearly stated science policy. Really, every candidate out there should have one out there just to counter the outright disgrace of the Bush administration and their War on Science. And I can't believe we haven't been collectively been taking them to task for repeated atrocities. Candidates with firm science policies are a good start.

We have us a critical thinking gap, friends. What are we going to do about it? Embrace Pastafarianism and try to forget? One small-potatoes approach tickles my fancy so I committed my first subversive act over the weekend, sending this from the biology section back to the humor section where it belongs.

I'm up waaaay too late now. Hope you are all well. We'll try to take some pictures tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wow, This was a late night ramble. I'm mostly with you except that I still rather like Bill Richardson. It may not matter since Hillary looks like a lock. The Republicans are duds with Guliani the leading dud. I predict he will get the nomination and win by a lanslide - but only in Bronx & Queens.

Intelligent design is NOT funny even in the humor section.

Peter said...

I'm with you, and I'm still not sure I like Bill Richardson.

I desperately hope that Hillary doesn't get the nomination. I'm not sure what I think will ultimately happen. I was just having this conversation with Casey the other night, that these guys are mostly gormless wankers.

Edwards doesn't totally turn me off, but then, I'm sort of a sucker for a smooth talking populist.

SWE said...

Wow, politics and religion on the same blog. No wonder I have a vast audience. ;)

And what a bummer about Stephen Colbert dropping out, eh?